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2022-24 Executive Roster


Executive Committee

  • President, Sadie V. Grice

  • First Vice-President, Dr. Saidah Leatutufu-Burch

  • Second Vice-President, Dr. Wilhelmena Sims

  • Recording Secretary, Kia Wallace

  • Corresponding Secretary, Natalya A. Johnson

  • Assistant Corresponding Secretary, Elicia Phillips

  • Treasurer, Louisa McCullough

  • Financial Secretary, Lavena Holmes

Executive Board

  • Chaplain, Deborah Estell

  • Parliamentarian, Angela Brown

  • Sergeant-at-Arms, Jasmine Dow

  • Assistant Sergent-at-Arms, Monika Hudson and Hope Burns

  • Communications and Public Relations/Journalism, Elicia Phillips

  • Heritage and Archives/Historian, Carol Selby

  • Custodian, Katrina James-Barone

  • Chair of Finance, Regina Pridgeon

  • Internal Audit Chair, Michon Caton

  • Nominating Committee Chair, Gwendolyn Bridges

  • Immediate Past President, Lavena Holmes

  • Arts & Letters, Joyce Hicks

  • Hospitality and Courtesies, Cheryl Marsh

  • Emergency Response, Karen Edgecombe

  • Fundraising, Michon Caton (Interim)

  • Internal Audit, Michon Caton

  • Membership Services/Dynamic Delta, Colleen Higgs and            Kescha Mason

  • Pan Hellenic, Kameshia James

  • Political Awareness & Involvement (Social Action), Dr. Saidah Leatutufu-Burch (First-Vice President)

  • Program Planning & Development, Dr. Wilhelmena Sims (Second-Vice President)

    • Educational Development, Kia Wallace and Hope Burns (Leads)

    • Economic Development, Easter Calvit (Lead)

    • Physical and Mental Health, Cheryl Marsh (Lead)

    • International Awareness & Involvement, Michal Settles (Lead)

  • Protocol & Traditions/Ritual & Ceremonies, Deborah Estell

  • Rules of Order & Policies & Procedures, Jayne Williams

  • Scholarship, Alena Maunder

  • Social, Gloria Wardell-Hampton

  • Technology, Camille Williams

  • AdHoc, 75th Anniversary, Karen Edgecombe and Rachel Russell


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